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Tours for the discerning traveller

Ethiopian Quadrants runs tours for those travellers who want that little bit more – not simply good service but also insights into the culture and customs of the countries they visit.

In addition to running tours on the more popular tourist circuits, such as the Historic Route, Simien Mountain Trekking, the Rift Valley and Bale Mountains, and the Omo Valley, we can organise tours off the beaten track, in the Afar Region, Gambella, the west bank of the Omo, and Beni Shangul Gumuz.

We also provide a variety of specialist tours, in ornithology, flowers and plants, geology, and anthropology, and can set up study tours in the discipline of your choice, from Art to Zoology, linking up with Ethiopian institutions and associations, specialists and experts.

All of our tours can be tailored to meet our clients’ special interests, and are specially planned to make the visitor less of a consumer and more of a participant in Ethiopian life, culture and custom.

Ethiopian Quadrants is committed to ensuring that host communities benefit as much as possible from tourism receipts, and to exploring ways whereby benefits can be maximised.  Generally, we believe in corporate responsibility,we supportvarious local development initiatives in different areas of the country, sponsor a football team here in Addis Ababa, and assist a number of children with school fees and other expenses. Some of our original football team are now attending university, and we have continued to provide assistance with grants for clothing and incidental expenses.

We can also help with filming in Ethiopia, Tony Hickey the General Manager has worked with more than 60 film crews here and has himself produced and directed documentaries.

Ethiopian Quadrants is licensed to provide business consultancies – if you are coming to Ethiopia for business or pleasure, you should get in touch. 

We work closely with the Irish business group, Connect Ethiopia which is committed to help Ethiopia develop through trade and business (see,and host an operational liaison office here in Addis Ababa.

If you do not find the information you need on our web site and for all enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at, or at